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Jonah closes out the podcast finale with some news and reflections about the show.

Grand Teton National Park mountain goat cull:

Feral horse removal in Nevada:

Sage-grouse management in need of a revamp:

New federal budget threatens conservation efforts:

Migratory Bird Treaty Act further weakened by administration’s proposal:

Comment on the regulation here:

Lawsuit against Total oil development in Uganda:

Road collisions and giant anteaters:

Gorillas officially recorded in a region of Equatorial Guinea for the first in a decade:

New laws to protect rays:

Stay tuned for an upcoming podcast called Nature's Archive:

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News Updates

Jonah and guest host Camden sit down to talk about some of the latest news in conservation, including some updates on news pieces from previous episodes.

Sources & Links:

All About Plastic

Bei Bei the Panda

Rancho Guimbalete

The Silver-backed Chevrotain

Russia's Whale Jail

Malaysia's Last Sumatran Rhino

Documentary on European Bison Reintroduction in Romania

Blue Whale Heart Rate

Recovering America's Wildlife Act

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News Flash 2

This week Jonah has a few quick pieces of wildlife news from around the world.

Join the 'No Border Wall' Facebook group to get frequent updates on the situation in South Texas and beyond: 

Read more about the turtle trafficking bust in the Philippines: 

Learn more about the study on migrant songbirds as a dispersal agent for invasive hemlock woolly adelgid: 

Read about infrared drone surveys of koala populations in Australia: 

Read a brief report on the USFWS's decision to list the northern Scarlet Macaw under the Endangered Species Act: 

See one of the photos of the rare Arabian caracal capture on a remote camera in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates: 

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News Flash 1

In the first of a new biweekly news segment, Jonah shares four recent news stories about the Texas-Mexico border wall, African Grey Parrot trafficking, black leopards in Kenya, and Russia's "whale jail."

Read about the details of President Trump's border wall decision-making: 

Follow the Facebook page 'No Border Wall' for daily updates on the situation in Texas: 

Read about the new report identifying Turkish Airlines as a primary airline for the African Grey Parrot trade: 

Watch San Diego Zoo Global's camera trap footage of the first black leopard documented in Africa in nearly 100 years:

And also check out photographer Will Burrard-Lucas's stunning photos of Kenya's black leopards: 

Finally, read about a terrible situation in Russia where killer whales and belugas are in legal limbo: 

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